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About Victoria Washington

   As it goes with many stories, I wish I could say it began with kittens and smiles, alas, it was not meant to be. Shortly after being given a survivorship certificate in 2010, I was diagnosed with another cancer in 2011 with the added bonus of a dozen surgeries to follow.


   Forced to surrender a career I loved in education and having been abandoned by some fair weather friends, it's safe to say things were getting pretty dismal.


   In March 2014, I had an instance of deep spiritual meaning. I had the most vivid dream I had ever dreampt. In this dream I was walking along a path in the midst of a gorgeous forest with, whom I presumed to be, Christ. The serenity I felt when I awoke was everything I needed in that moment of my life and it granted me a moment of clarity in an otherwise stormy chapter in my life.


   Inspired...and having never painted before, I needed to bring that image from a dream into reality. To me that inspiration was divine and it is what drove me to start painting. Thus, the first of works was Path of the Trees. Since then, I have continued to create with many of my paintings being inspired by my dreams and the paths that they take.



   Just to be clear, I'm not here to convert anyone. This is merely the origins of my motivation from my own perspective. Take from it what you will, however, I hope that you will find enjoyment in the works I wish to create or re-create. The only thing more satisfying than painting them is if it brings hope, joy, satisfaction, or inspiration to others.


   I thank God for my inspiration, my family for their support, and I thank you for your time. I wish you, and those you love, all good things.

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